• Dr. Harry Moore

DTPA Chelation Treatment

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Effective in treating Gadolinium Deposition Disease

Gadolinium deposition disease may be the culprit for patients that are exhibiting neurological symptoms such as numbness in the feet. When this symptom is presented in my patients, one of my first questions is whether they have experienced an MRI and whether or not Gadolinium was used during the process.

In order to get agents such as Gadolinium out of the body, a chelating agent called DTPA is used. However, this is not it’s only use. DTPA is a powerful tool and can be used to chelate, or remove, substances such as radioactive plutonium from the body. In much less extreme cases, it can be used to remove other toxic metals such as mercury or lead.

Everyone has toxic metals in their body. They inhibit enzymes and disrupt the immune system.  What makes it worse is that having one heavy metal in the body makes any other heavy metal exponentially more toxic, meaning that removal of heavy metals is highly important. In our work, we use a comprehensive approach to remove all toxic metals - Gadolinium being a concern or not. Every organ used to naturally detoxify your body - skin, kidneys, liver, and colon - need to be in top performance for the best results.

For my patients I design a specific diet and supplement plan in order to strengthen these organs to better detoxify their bodies as a whole. Since everyone is exposed to toxins in everyday life, it is imperative that an ongoing plan be in place in order to establish a healthy way of life. In addition, periodic cleanses may be helpful as well. However, these do not take the place of an ongoing plan to continuously, daily detoxify your body.

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