Becoming the best you can be is my goal for you. All parts of your being (body, mind, spirit) need to work optimally.


 In order to be the your best, discover as much information about your body as you can.

Genetics is important information in achieving optimum health. I recommend the 23andMe or Ancestry.com on everyone. Genetic weaknesses and gene cleanliness (clean or dirty genes) are important facts to know. Taking a supplement for each mutation may be the wrong thing to do when normal genes are not functioning because they are dirty. Cleaning your genes needs to be done and I can give your information about how to do that.


Going beyond the traditional basic lab will invariably reveal imbalances that are significant. Many are told at the traditional doctor's office that all your lab work is normal when not all the pertinent lab work has been done. A NutriEval has a treasure full of information that will identify nutritional needs. Going beyond a basic lipid profile using a Boston Heart test better identifies your risk of heart disease. 


Asking two questions:“What does my body need that is missing?” and “ What is in my body that needs to be removed?” will help direct your wellness efforts. Removing  toxic metals like mercury and lead and chemicals like herbicides and pesticides is necessary. The right amount and kind of nutrients from food and, if necessary, supplements, are important for wellness.


 Proper sleep, exercise, stress relief, and healthy relationships are emphasized as major issues determining you optimum wellness.