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Energy Medicine

Interference fields (an area of low energy) from scars, physical traumas or toxic focal sites may be contributing to a disease or causing pain. Energy medicine will give clues to the imbalances and help direct proper treatment.


How do you know that you are taking the right supplements? Energy medicine can detect your body’s negative or positive response to the supplements you are taking. You need to eliminate guessing whether to take a supplement or not. Energy medicine can also determine the dose.


External detoxification like mud packs and ozone injections can clear meridians that are not properly transmitting energy as well as clear interference fields.

-What patients are saying: “I have no more pain in my leg after only a few mud packs”



Prolozone injections may reverse joint and soft tissue pain, as well as, mouth infections.

-What patients are saying: “After only four prolozone injections the severe pain  in my  

left knee, especially when going up and down stairs, completely disappeared.”


Cancer Support

Cancer patients need every possible bit of information about their cancer and their bodies. Every cancer patient needs an oncologist. Treatment alternatives from both traditional methods and alternative methods need to be explored to decide what path is right for you. Much important information can come from the RGCC test by identifying cancer stem cells. Being cancer free can be proven by the RGCC test. If cancer cells are present, protocols can be recommended to address them.