Tests & Treatments


Procedures and Therapies 

Comprehensive history and physical exam 

Prolozone (ozone) injections of joints, tendons, trigger points, and toxic focal sites

Natural medicine treatments (using ozone gas)

IV chelation using EDTA and DTPA

Bio photonic treatments (using ozone and ultraviolet light)

Meyers cocktail

IV vitamin C

IV antibiotics (PIC lines or ports if necessary)

Oral chelation with DMSA and other natural agents

Specific therapeutic diets

Specific therapeutic supplements


Thermograms  (breasts, dental, or whole body)

Energy testing

QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) - to eliminate unnecessary supplements and to find and dose necessary supplements. Used to identify the strength of energy outflow points, interference fields, toxic focal sites, dental infections and EMF effects.  An entire supplement protocol can be prescribed using QRA testing.

Blood, Urine Saliva Testing

Basic CPL Lab for Adults and Pediatric patients - comprehensive evaluation on all patients at the initial evaluation

Alertest Food and Candida antibodies - evaluation of food sensitivities and candida infection

Genova NutiEval - comprehensive nutritional evaluation  including amino acids and organic acids

Sabres Science salivary - hormone evaluation of sex and adrenal hormones

Great Plains organic acids test - a functional evaluation of metabolism

Cyrex- intestinal permeability (leaky gut) , SIBO , brain barrier tests

Dunwoody- zonulin (leaky gut), dao ( histamine breakdown enzyme) , histamine test

Doctors Data toxic- metal urine test before and after provocation detection of toxic metals as a reflection                            of body burden

Doctors Data -methylation profile , evaluation of MTHFR  and related gene function 

Genova calcium metabolism test - evaluation for osteoporosis and bone metabolism

Genova estrogen metabolism test - evaluation of safe and dangerous estrogen metabolites

Genova GI effects stool test - all aspects of gut function including digestion, immunology, normal  abnormal                          bacteria, yeast and parasites

RGCC cancer test - evaluation of cancer stem cells for supportive treatment and detection of cancer                                    in those who may not be cancer free post treatment

Life extension CIRS markers and dreaded HLA testing - evaluation of mold induced immunodeficiency  

23andMe, Ancestry.com, Genos.com - to identify genetic SNP's ( mutations)

Pure Genomics - to evaluate the 23andMe and Ancestry.com for additional information

StateGene - include pathway planners with information about how to manipulate specific genes in                                           important metabolic pathways

Real Time Mycotoxin test - to detect mycotoxins in urine

IGenex -  lyme and  coinfections testing

DNA  Connections - PCR urine test for lyme and coinfections